Thursday, July 22, 2010

Not going to feel guilty

Aside from my Tuesday piece, I have not written anything this week.  Nothing.  I haven't edited, I haven't prepped for my game on Saturday, I haven't done a thing.

And I'm okay with that.

I read a post today by a guest blogger on the Variety Pages, and realized that it's okay.  Just because there's not a story in my head now, it doesn't mean that there won't be later.  I've been stressed.  REALLY stressed.  It doesn't surprise me that the voices have stopped.  My brain is just crazy with other stuff, so there's not room for much else.

And so I'm reading.  I'm reading like crazy, because that's what I need to do.  It's like my writing brain is taking a break, resetting itself.  I'm learning from what I'm reading, but I'm not worrying yet about putting this all into practice.  I'm re-learning what I like to read, and figuring out why I like to read it.  I'm listening to audiobooks and figuring out the difference between what I like to listen to and what I like to read.

So I will not feel guilty for not writing.

Although I may feel guilty about not preparing for the game come Saturday... I'll probably have to work on that!


Lindsey Edwards said...

So sorry to hear you're stressed, hope it gets better for you!

Reading is good! As a writer reading is all part of the job description! I do think a good book with spawn ideas and get you rolling again.

Anonymous said...

Honor your process. Things will fall into place, and all will be well. I promise.

Mohamed Mughal said...

It's great that you don't feel guilty about not writing. It'll come when it comes.

Stress has the same effect on me, a blocking of creativity. At least for me, long, quiet hikes sometimes help.

You'll be back to writing soon. In the mean time, enjoy!