Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I had a dream last night...

...and it felt real. So real, that for a moment, when I woke up, I was sure that I still felt arms around me.  And some of the details, while ridiculous, were so clear!  There was an elevator, but it was huge - the size of my living room.  It stopped in weird, between-floor sorts of places, but when it reached my floor, it was fine.  There was a pair of tap shoes, in a box, that were for me.  I took them out and looked at them, confused.  They were similar in style to the cheap, patent tap shoes that you get when you first start learning, but they were made of real leather, with TeleTone taps, so they were quality. My sister was suddenly beside me, taking out a pair of her own shoes. As we looked at them, a friend came up behind me, wrapping me in a hug and leaning forward to kiss my cheek.  He couldn't, though, because my cowboy hat got in the way and bumped his face.  Wait, a cowboy hat?  Yes, a black felt cowboy hat, worn over a pair of high pigtails.  It was not my most stylish moment.  I was suddenly aware of my clothes - a pink plaid AE button-down, short-sleeved shirt over top of a navy, long-sleeved shirt, and my favourite jeans.  I was barefoot, getting ready to put on the tap shoes.

It was then that I woke up, the blankets and pillows tangled around my arms in such a way that it felt like I really was being hugged from behind.  It was nice.

And yes, I know that this wasn't true fiction, but I wanted to remember the oddness of this dream.  I'll treat you to some random prose later.

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