Sunday, January 15, 2012

Annual Project Update

Yesterday, I cleaned upstairs, and unpacked five boxes in the guest room/craft storage room (hence the lack of post - I dropped into bed, exhausted).  Unpacking my two big boxes labelled "Projects" reminded me that there are a lot of things I need to be working on, so once again, here is the uber-list of things I need to finish:

Cross-Stitch Projects
1. Nora ornaments
2. Mom's Christmas stocking
3. Colby's surprise
4. Unnamed baby announcement

Knit Projects
5. Nora's Riders blanket
6. White/Blue/Green baby blanket
7. Nora's legwarmers

Crochet Projects
8. Pink/white blanket
9. Pink/white/purple blanket
10. White/Blue/Purple baby blanket
11. Star baby blanket

Ongoing Projects
12. Dishcloths
13. Baby hats
14. Lip gloss cases

Planned projects
15. Red fuzzy sweater
16. AY's baby blanket
17. BA's baby blanket

Wow... that's, um... a lot.  Excuse me, I'm off to make some stuff now...

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