Sunday, January 8, 2012

Two more!

Yes, we're more than a week into the new year, but I'm still adding resolutions. It's my blog and I can do it like this if I want to.

I resolve to keep track of my resolutions. I looked back at last year's resolutions, and I didn't even remember resolving to drink more milk. Yeesh.

I also resolve to pay attention to the good things in my life. I can get bogged down in stress and negativity, and that's not good. So each day, I want to record one thing in my day that is good or made me happy. Today, I got my bedroom cleaned up, and I'm going to sleep in fresh sheets.

What are you happy for?


Barb Schanel said...

I'm happy that we got started planting this summer's garden yesterday. Admittedly, just in planting flats inside, but it's a start!

Karen said...

I'm happy for my awesome Big Sister :) Thanks for the phone call yesterday - it cheered me up.