Thursday, January 12, 2012

I understand why patients get cranky.

I had a doctor's appointment today. It was scheduled for 3:15. I checked in at 3:17, because the parking lot was full and I had to use the next one over.

I got called from the waiting room at 4:20, and moved to an exam room to wait for the doctor. It was 4:57 when I finally saw him, and I was in my car by 5:13. Really? Almost two hours of waiting, and maybe ten minutes of exam time?

I think it's only because the doctors I work for can be just as bad, that I didn't totally flip out. Still, it's really frustrating to wait for more than an hour before talking to anyone but the receptionist.

Days like this remind me to have patience.

Happiness of the day: I found gooey cake at WalMart and had a lovely bedtime snack tonight.

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Steeny Lou said...

This was fun to read. And you work for doctors? Me too - doing MT at home. :)