Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fine. I failed. Whatever.

Yeah, totally missing the 'every day' part of blogging every day. Honestly, though, it's a habit that I got out of, and it's challenging to get back into it.

That, and I'm not feeling particularly witty this week.

Have you ever had one of those days where technology just seems to have it in for you? I have. I had three in the past week. Between computer viruses, bugs, and systems that apparently didn't get beta-tested before release, I've done almost NONE of my usual job at work. All of the computer fixing at work has left me rather disinclined to touch a computer at home.

But tomorrow... Tomorrow, I don't have to touch a computer unless I want to. And I get to spend the day laying down. It might not be too bad. :)


Happy Kid City said...

The same thing happened to me when I made the promise to myself that I was going to journal EVERY DAY NO MATTER WHAT. Life (and technology) definitely get in the way!

abbie said...

Thanks, Danielle. I hope the rest of your week was easier than the first few days! : )

Dinobotxx said...

The same thing happens to me when I want to start a journal and write in it every day. It's tough to do! Good luck with your blogging! :)