Monday, January 9, 2012

Learning things

It's no secret that I've been reading a lot of writing blogs. They all have lots of great advice to offer, and I know that, but in a book that I finished yesterday, I saw some of the advice in action.

Actually, I saw it being ignored. And as a reader, I was irritated. The book was a romance, and for the first 139 pages, it was exactly what I had expected. Then, with virtually no prelude or foreshadowing, the female MC starts talking about magic. Not just in passing, but in such a way that you soon realize that a belief in magic is an integral part of her life.

I've got no problems with magic. I liked the Harry Potter books. I love the magic that Piers Anthony and Terry Pratchett use. I do, however, have a problem with not being told about the existence of magic for 139 pages, and then being expected to accept it without question.

I mean, I believed it every time I read that you need to make sure you set up your world right away. But it was totally different to read a novel where the world-building missed a major piece.

Definitely encourages me to check for that when I do my self-editing!

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