Sunday, June 20, 2010

All My Crafts

So it's been a busy week, which is good. And I've taken photos, which is better!

First, I made a pile of cards:

A baby card for Miss Tara, who's due on Wednesday!

A random card that seems to confuse some...

A pretty flower with stitching and a button (because I bought a huge vat of buttons!)

A birthday card for my Dad - Happy Birthday!

A card for my Donna! Hopefully, she's received it by the time this post shows up!

I also did a bunch of stuff with yarn:

This is the start of the blanket I'm making for Miss Tara's baby boy (again, due Wednesday). I'm totally not going to finish it in time for the due date, especially with postage to Canada, but it's started!

These are the four motifs for the picnic blanket.

GIR head cupcakes for the girls!

Dio's new [fuzzy orange] dice bag!

I've started a bag to keep my tarot cards in: it's made of "Panda Silk" yarn, a combination of bamboo, merino wool, and silk fibre. It's super-soft, and all-natural. Yay!

The Hufflepuff scarf! I just finished the first ball of yellow yarn, so I'm about halfway done... although, given how wide it is, I may go for a third ball. We'll see once I'm at that point.

In my cleaning, I discovered my box of paper cranes, so I folded a few more.

Finally, here's my sweater! The one that I've been working on since February! It's super-comfy, and so soft... I love it!

And that's what I've been working on!

For my own reference, these are my current projects:
- Tarot card bag
- Miss Tara's baby blanket
- Hufflepuff scarf
- Picnic blanket
- Modifications to Tanya's Mad Hatter dice bag
- Pink/white/purple wave blanket
- Yellow/white wave blanket
- Bajillions of hamster beans


Anonymous said...

You're like a madwoman of productivity! (although my MadHatter dice bag should be higher up on your list. I don't care who's pregnant! *grin*)
And as the voice of your inner writer ... why is there no revision and/or new writing project on that list? Poke Poke Poke! There's no time for foodeling!

Danielle said...

I swear, I have a separate list of writing projects, really! I'll have to list those on Thursday ;)

MJ said...

I wish I were craft talented. Sure, I can do my share of scrapbooking and hemming, but knitting and such? No way. I think I just don't have the patience.