Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On the other end

First, I want to apologize for not blogging on Sunday. I was busy - I've started watching LOST. I've spent the last two Sundays glued to the TV, occasionally yelling at it, as I've worked through the first season. On the bright side, it's so intense that I can't just sit and watch it, so I've been getting a lot of knitting and crochet done. I'll update for two weeks on this coming Sunday.

Now, to the fiction!

The man sat in his little office, the glow from the computer screen reflecting on his glasses. The rest of the room was dark, to help set the mood. The rest of the apartment was also dark - it was well after midnight, and there was no need for anything else to be on. After all, the man lived alone. Who cared if there was another light on?

He clicked a few times, and waited. He knew she would be there eventually. She always showed up. She had never missed a 'date.'

He waited a few minutes longer. Where was she? He clicked on another window and tried to surf around on the internet, hoping that she hadn't forgotten. Or made other plans.

Suddenly, the speakers snapped to life.

"Hey there, stud," came a low voice.

He closed the other windows within seconds. Her face filled most of the screen. He sighed happily as he watched her smile, then move away from the camera. Slowly, her neck came into view, then her shoulders... her chest... His breathing sped up and he reached for the keyboard.

'Missed you,' he typed. Beside her image, the chat window filled with more messages.

'U R beautiful.'

'i luv u'

'take it off'

The man sighed. He hated to share her.

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