Thursday, June 4, 2009

Marvin, we're going back to the Gables!

Nine.  Yes, today is brought to you by the number nine.


I'm going to be up all night making chocolates for this stupid wedding shower that we're throwing at work tomorrow. I HATE working in an office full of young women, because we have six or seven showers a year. When we have a shower (bridal or baby), we're all supposed to bring food for the potluck, and, of course, a gift. I don't really like a lot of my co-workers all that much - I don't want to spend $36 for a cereal bowl for you, thank you very much. *sigh*


colbymarshall said...

wow--nine. dang. I need to call you.

Big Plain V said...

You sound like my wife.

"Now they're collecting for this, not they're collecting for that, now I have to bring this in, now I have to bring that in."

I fear that someday she'll bring some sort of firearm to work.