Friday, June 5, 2009

The secret to success!

Today's post is brought to you by the number eight.

I've learned the secret to successful blogging! And by 'successful' I mean not filled by rants about how crappy my evening was - pre-blogging! If I blog before I go and do things that piss me off, I'm in a much better mood!


My air-conditioner is not working properly, and that makes for a very hot Danie... a very icky-sweaty Danie... a cranky-not-sleeping-well Danie... But I've put in a request to have it fixed, so hopefully, it'll get fixed! Because it's hot upstairs. Downstairs is fine, but that whole heat-rising thing makes the bedrooms too cozy to sleep. On the bright side, I've got an awesome couch to sleep on, so if I have to sleep downstairs, it'll be okay.

How was that for up and down? And totally boring to everyone who is not me?

On a more creative note, I started another project - kind of. I know, I know, starting a project before finishing two others breaks the rules! But it's not technically a project for me... In the musical Chicago, Roxie is supposed to be knitting a baby clothing item while she's on the stand. I'm the only cast member who knits. So I've cast on a baby sock! It's a rather complicated, four-needle knit in the round pattern, and it's definitely NOT something that someone who just learned to knit could do right away, so any knitters in the audience will giggle because the point is that Roxie CLEARLY did not actually learn to knit, she's just faking it. So it's not a project so much as it is a prop. So I'm not counting it, okay? So just drop it! I said, I'm not cheating! (Do you believe me yet? I almost do...)


Big Plain V said...

Sooo.... would it be cheating if I had one cigarette? It would only be to remind me of why I'm trying to quit.

Danielle said...

LOL - lying to yourself doesn't really work that well... I'm feeling horrible guilt, and I'm working my ass off on the other projects I've got. And this time, I have to finish 4 before I start another, to make up for it. *sigh* That's a lot of projects to finish.