Thursday, June 18, 2009

Smarmy bastard!

So I started writing "Take Five" with a specific friend in mind as the template for the Blake character. I tend to do that - take someone that I know, and tweak them a bit. I find it easier to start that way, because I have a definite idea of what they look like and how they'll react. Of course, the character usually ends up moving WAAAAY off from the person that I started with, and that's okay.

Blake was supposed to be a nice guy with a bad reputation. He was going to be the 'good guy,' and Sophia was going to be this horrible bitchy thing that he was stuck working with.

But Blake's turned into a smarmy bastard. And I love it!

He's gone from a nice guy who's had nasty rumours spread about him to this Casanova-type ladies-man who'll sleep with anything that moves and then forget them the next morning. Somehow, he's turned into the bad guy... and I'm liking the 'bad boy' vibe that he gives off. I wonder if Laura will fall for it...

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Big Plain V said...

He seemed pretty fleshed out right from the beginning. In fact, the couple times he was trying to be nice, I figured he was just being manipulative, so, it would have been a real trick to portray that character any other way.