Sunday, June 28, 2009

Take Five (Part 19)

Anna kept quiet through the exchange between the two actors. She had learned early on that, if the actors didn't really notice you, they would say a lot more than they intended. It was clear that Blake's intentions towards Laura were less than honorable, and Anna planned to make sure that he didn't interfere with her cousin. It was hard enough for Laura to keep her secret about Ricardo as it was - she didn't need the added pressure of Blake's advances.

The make-up artist brushed on a final touch of powder, then smiled at Blake as though she hadn't heard any of what he had said to Sophia. "That's it, Mr. Herrington," Anna said, putting away her brushes.

"Thanks," Blake replied, getting up and heading to his place. A moment later, Laura appeared next to Anna, looking frazzled.

"Thanks for getting here so quickly," Laura said, her voice low as Ricardo approached the actors, giving them new directions. "I can't believe I forgot to call you for Sophia's makeup earlier."

"Don't worry about it, Laura," Anna replied. "I heard you were a bit distracted."

"What?" Laura asked, turning to face her cousin.

"Blake was talking about you to Sophia. Be careful with that one - he wants something, I can tell."

Laura sighed and shook her head. "It feels like he's playing some sort of game with me," she admitted. "He's always catching me off guard, and it's getting frustrating."

Anna offered a sympathetic smile. "At least you've noticed. Just try not to let him get to you. You've got to keep certain things to yourself, and if he keeps catching you like that, you might blurt out something you don't want him to know."

"I know," Laura said, sounding more frustrated. "I'll be careful, I promise."

"Anna!" Ricardo's voice interrupted the two women before they could say any more. "Anna, I need you to touch up Sophia again!"

Anna grabbed her makeup kit and gave Laura one last smile. "I know you will. And I'm around if you need to vent."

"Thanks," Laura said, watching her cousin hurry over to the actress. If only it were easier to avoid Blake...

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