Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baxter's crotch is not that funny...

And it sounds so dirty to say... But I keep repeating this to myself, over and over, in the hopes that I will not laugh at his groin...

And because my mother reads my blog, I will explain those comments. I've been in rehearsals for a production of "Chicago." Billy Flynn, the lawyer, is being played by Baxter. In one of the numbers, "All I Care About Is Love," Billy Flynn does a strip-tease style dance. He removes his pants while the girls are in a circle around him. My face is mere inches from Baxter's crotch at this point. And he wears kiss-covered boxers.

The first time he rehearsed in costume, the rest of the song was one hot mess, because all of the girls were laughing too hard to actually sing. I'm hoping that, by repeating the mantra "Baxter's crotch is not that funny," I'll be able to stop laughing at it by the time we open with an audience. Cross your fingers for me.

In vaguely related news, we had two roach assassins attack us during rehearsal tonight. They have been disposed of. Take that, Mordthor!

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