Friday, July 31, 2009

Secrets, secrets everywhere

I'm feeling full of secrets today. Granted, several of the things I know are known to others, but they're only known to select others, and not all of these others know all of the things that I know. Of course, if you ask, I don't know anything. Confused? Try being in my head!

That being said, I had dinner tonight with a friend who promised to sue if I ever use any of the things he told me in any of my novels... which is too bad, because there were some cool nuggets of story in there. But I won't.

That, however, got me thinking back to the first novel I wrote. Wow. Talk about self-insertion! I didn't even TRY to disguise it! I went back a few months ago, thinking I could edit it into something more presentable. I can't. The whole thing will have to just be thrown away. I could probably keep one of the characters' names. That's about it. The idea wasn't bad, but the execution... ugh.

Live and learn, I suppose. We'll see how the critique of my latest piece turns out. I may just stop writing. Well, no, I wouldn't do that. But I might stop showing it to anyone.

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