Thursday, July 2, 2009

Long weekend? I wish!

*Pouts* It's not fair!

((Warning: A hissy fit is coming. Feel free to ignore me.))

Everyone in Canada got Wednesday off for Canada Day, but I had to work because I'm not in Canada right now. Most of the US has Friday off because the 4th is on Saturday, but I have to go to work AND to rehearsal! I want a day off, too!

/end hissy fit

After work tomorrow, but before rehearsal, I think I'll do something about my poor tomato plants. They're all wilty, and I don't know why. I keep them watered... maybe I need to stake them. That's tomorrow's plan - research tomato wiltiness and possible solutions. But if anyone out there knows the solution to tomato wiltiness and wants to save me the time, I've got a TON of other things to do, too!

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Big Plain V said...

I accidentally used a lawn mower on my wife's tomato plants. And then I got in trouble.

That information doesn't help you at all.