Thursday, October 22, 2009

Character study in five minutes or less!

A small, furry hand reached out from under the bed.

"Don't even think about it, Beeper." Aebli didn't even open her eyes, much less roll over. The mouse lemur gave a soft squeak. "Don't try that on me. It won't work. You know that you're not allowed to touch my toothbrush.

Beeper gave a few more squeaks.

"I know it's in the bathroom down the hall. I also know that you were going to sneak out, one little limb at a time, and try to take it. No toothbrushes, Beeper."

The critter made a pitiful little noise, and Aebli rolled over in her bed, finally opening her eyes. "Don't try to guilt me into it. I know what a mess you made of my last toothbrush. Look, how's this? If you leave my toothbrush alone tonight, I'll go out and buy you a princess toothbrush tomorrow morning. It'll be just for you. Okay?"

Beeper blinked slowly, looking up at Aebli with her wide, brown eyes. Aebli shook her head. "I can't believe I'm bargaining with you. Fine. Two toothbrushes."

Beeper made a much happier-sounding noise and leaped onto the bed, crouching beside Aebli's head. She nuzzled against Aebli, who smiled, before closing her eyes to go back to sleep.