Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thirty so far

I've been thirty for a couple of days now, and it has been less horrible than feared, so that's a good thing. I rang in the decade at a show in Vegas, which was pretty cool, and spent the first day of my thirties hanging with dolphins, lions, tigers, leopards, sisters, and cirque folks.

Unfortunately, on my third day of thirty, I started getting a sore throat. Today, on my fourth day of thirty, I've got a cold. Runny nose, watery eyes, sore throat, general ick - the works. Blah. And I've been stuck seeing patients at work instead of working on the computers. Double blah. However, all of these blahs are no worse than the blahs of twenty-nine, so I'm still willing to work with thirty. For now. *glares menacingly*

And on that note, I've got some chicken and stars soup (homemade!) calling my name, and 'The Princess Bride' ready and waiting in the DVD player in my bedroom (because it makes me get better sooner!). Good night, folks, and let's hope that my fifth day of thirty brings about some healing!

(Does anyone else feel like breaking into "The Twelve Days of Christmas"?)

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