Friday, October 16, 2009

Guess what?

Today’s blog is intentionally back-dated… that is, I am writing it now, and will be posting it later. Why? Because, dear readers, I feel the need to protect my privacy and my home, and because I’m an idiot who didn’t pre-blog. Today, friends, I am in LAS VEGAS!!!

Why Vegas, you ask? I’ll tell you! In a few short hours, I’ll be turning thirty. Despite the fact that ‘age is just a number,’ I’ve been freaking out about it. Part of me is worried that my friends and co-workers will make a huge deal out of it and embarrass me, and part of me is equally worried that it will just go by as another day and people will ignore it. So, in order to avoid both of those scenarios, I decided that I would turn thirty on my own terms, with people I trusted, so that I would have a good day.

I’ve come to Las Vegas with my mum, my sister, and my pseudo-sister and her sister. (Donna spent so much time at my place when we were younger that my parents called her their third daughter, so we’re pseudosisters. It works for us.) I arrived yesterday afternoon (after blogging about being up early!), and all four of them were waiting for me at the airport to take a limousine to the hotel! It was unexpected and sweet. :) We’re staying at the Mirage, which is a fairly nice place. We got an upgrade in our rooms because my mum told the front desk that we were celebrating my birthday, which was awesome! And the hotel delivered a complimentary bottle of champagne! I think we’ll crack it open tomorrow.

Mum and Karen and I had a nice, long breakfast this morning, and spent the afternoon shopping with Donna and May at the outlet mall. I hadn’t planned to spend quite so much time shopping, but we got some great deals. I’ve played a couple of dollars in slots so far, but not much. Perhaps tomorrow!

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