Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Little Bit of Norman

Today, I didn't get my prompt from the internet - I got it from my office. I'll post a picture later (once I get a good one), but for now, here's Norman! It's just the beginnings of an idea, I think. It could grow into something more.

I watched as Norman slowly made his way up the outside of the lily, then back down on the inside. Upon reaching the center of the flower, he repeated the process in reverse – up the inside, then back down the outside. He had been doing this all afternoon, I assumed. Every time I had glanced up, there was Norman, pacing the petals.

He didn't look bored, but I don't know how a bug looks when it's bored, so I couldn't be sure. Still, he kept moving up and down the flower petals with what I thought was a rather determined look.

I, on the other hand, was bored out of my skull. I had run out of things that I was supposed to do, I had run out of things that I wasn't supposed to do (like check my email and surf the net), and I had run out of bugs to name. Rather than go home, I sat at my desk and watched Norman from across the room.

If only things had stayed that boring.

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