Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday Prompt

This week's prompt comes from read write prompt #71: "Every old lady lives in a shoe."

There were children everywhere. Everywhere. Moira thought she saw one hanging from the chandelier, but when she took a second look, she realized there were two children hanging from the chandelier.

"Get down from there! You'll break your necks!" Moira screeched, running towards the dining room. The children just giggled as they jumped down and ran away. Moira put the back of her hand to her forehead, the classic picture of exasperation. There were just so many children...

There were days that Moira couldn't quite remember how she had ended up the way she had. It seemed like only a few days ago that she was young, single, and unfettered by the chains of motherhood. Of course, it had actually been nearly fifteen years since she had last been without children in her life.

Another shriek pierced Moira's thoughts, and she sat down in a nearby chair, waiting to see if the shriek would be accompanied by crying, whining, or the sound of a body hitting the floor. When none of those materialized, Moira allowed herself a sigh of relief.

"Hey baby," a deep voice rumbled. Moira looked up and met the intense gaze of her husband, Gabe. "Miss me?"

"Yes," she whispered, melting into his embrace and remembering how she had ended up with a houseful of children in the first place.

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