Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekly crafting fun!

It's been a pretty productive week in crafting:

I made a bunch of cards, including a Mother's Day card (not shown, since Mom will be getting it in the mail sometime this week!)

I finished some more of my sweater, and by the time I go to bed tonight, I'll probably finish the first sleeve! Woot!

I'm still working on the picnic blanket, and I've decided to keep better track of where I am, so here goes:
- Motif A, need 96, have 46
- Motif B, need 97, have 1
- Motif C, need 11, have 0
- Motif D, need 10, have 0
- Total needed: 214, have 47

I've also made a pile of earrings, but I don't really have a good way to photograph them yet. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to them!

Baking-wise, I made cake pops with the leftovers from carving the ninja cake, and they were yummy! My sister told me about the idea, from Bakerella, and it turned out really well. Also, Lizzie showed pictures of her cake to some people, and I may end up making another ninja cake for someone else. In other cake-related news, I've been asked to make a wedding cake! Holy crap! I'm kind of excited, and I'm already looking for supplies. Whee!

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