Thursday, May 6, 2010

This week, in writing...

I have a friend who's involved in Flash Fiction Chronicles, and she's asked me (and several other friends) to contribute articles about writing to upcoming editions. I decided to go for it, and that I would write about how I'm technically a published author, but that I don't refer to myself that way. I wanted to reference my article (Wiegand MD, DLW Young, BM Gajda, DJM Thuen, DAH Rittberg, JD Huebner and NL Loadman, Ultraviolet light-induced impairment of goldfish embryo development and evidence for photorepair mechanisms, J. Fish Biol., 2004, 64, 1242-1256.), but it's been six years and I couldn't remember the exact title, so I Googled my name, my supervisor's name, and 'goldfish.' I did NOT expect to see what came up. I've been cited!

It's one thing to have an article published in a journal. It's kind of a big deal in the science world, and I was really happy when it happened. But it's totally different to see that someone else went out, read my article, and then referenced it in another article that managed to get published! I'm kinda giddy about this. And from the looks of things, it's happened more than once! It makes me want to do more science…

In addition to that, I've been making some progress on my current writing. I've taken the feedback I got from one reader and edited FRI, and I've sent it out to five other readers, so that's good, right?

It's taken longer than I expected to read HEA: I'm on page 42, and I'm trying not to do any sort of editing. I am, however, keeping track of the scenes that I have, because I'm going to try editing scene by scene. I'm up to 20 scenes in 42 pages... Hmm... I think there will be much condensing and/or slashing. But I'm slogging along.

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