Friday, April 18, 2008

I really did try to post this yesterday!!


Technically, I missed posting on Friday. Except I don't think I'm going to count it, because really, I haven't been to bed yet, so it's still not tomorrow for me. It's today, so this counts. I'm staying up late to blog, because I'm just that dedicated. And because I've had a drink. Or two. Or more.

I went to dinner and the Full Monty tonight with Ashlee and Colby, and it was all awesome, and then Ashlee and I went to the TicTocRoom and attempted to go to Xmart, but decided not to go in after all. So I've been busy either getting ready or being out ever since work ended today, which is why the blog had to wait. But I'm here now! And just for my girls, I'm posting a video blog tonight. And you should all go check out Colby's blog, because she ate spaghetti. And used a spoon. And I've started a lot of sentances with "and" tonight. I think it's time for bed. Enjoy the video! And I'll finish the story tomorrow!

Also, just because I thought you might like to know, I'm wearing a sweater that I bought for my sister, because I had been wearing my pyjamas, but in the first cut of the vlog, I realized that there was a lot more showing than I thought. And I'm not doing the Full Monty for you people. At least, not online.

Edit: This video took FOREVER to upload, but I promise, all this writing was done before I went to bed! Really! I let it process overnight, but it had an error message when I got up, and I had to start all over - yeesh!

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colbymarshall said...

LOL!!!!!!! Thanks for the plug :-) The spaghetti post is up now, thank goodness. I'm linking to you on there.