Saturday, April 26, 2008

Puppy sleeping in my lap

I have a puppy almost asleep in my lap, and it's the cutest thing in the world. My puppy is 13 weeks old, and a bundle of energy for most of the time that I'm home. I feel mean for keeping her in the crate all day, but she's teething and I don't want her teething on my shoes or carpet or walls (yes, she has gnawed on my walls).

Today, though, we had an awesome day. I've got a pair of big bells hanging on the doorknob of my front door. Every time I take her outside to do her business (I love puppy-poo euphemisms!), I ring the bell. In the past week, she's totally figured out that ringing the bell will get a trip outside. Unfortunately, she doesn't quite get the subtleties of bell-ringing - she hurls herself in the general direction of the bells and actually hits them about 30% of the time. I wait until she actually rings the bells before I get up to take her out. Her aim is improving.

Today, she peed on my carpet once. That sucked. But on the bright side, she pooped outside and peed outside twice! So she's learning! Yay! Go Mia!

We're also starting to work on 'leave it' as a command - I'm trying to teach her NOT to pick things up when I say it. Unfortunately, her attention span rivals that of a gnat, so it'll take a while. But it will be worth it in the end! Next week, we'll start working on 'sit' again. And she already knows 'come here' - smart girl!

I must go, now, because the puppy is getting sleepier, and I have to put her to bed. I love my sleepy puppy!

EDIT: I just noticed - I've written every day for two straight weeks! Go me!

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