Friday, April 10, 2009

More ways to be creative

I've got yet another creative thing on my plate - designing a stage manager's station for MLT!

I got permission to make up a set of plans for the set construction team to use to create a new stage manager's station.  We're currently using an old desk, one that's covered in several layers of paint.  The drawers fit poorly, and squeak so badly that they cannot be opened while a show is actually in progress, which makes the drawers fairly useless.

This new one is going to me more of a podium than a desk.  It will be taller, so that I can stand at it comfortably - right now, I have to either sit or hunch over to use the desk, neither of which is ideal.  It'll have three shelves instead of drawers, with canvas baskets to hold all the supplies, so they'll slide quietly.  

I'm really quite excited about this!  It's going to be fun to design, like back in the day when I designed all of the new radiation chambers for the lab!  Hmm... I don't think I've told that story yet... you'll have to wait for it!

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