Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two things are constant

Death and taxes.

I'm not dead, but I am doing my taxes.  I walked into BestBuy at 8:47 pm and picked up a copy of TurboTax, and I have just installed it.  I will be doing my taxes tonight.

I don't really mind the whole taxes thing (well, the paperwork part of it - I don't like having to pay them, but I don't think anyone does), but it comes at the end of a crappy day, where the boss sauntered in an hour and a half after the rest of us, except for the folks who were an hour late because of an accident on the interstate.  And then the boss worked well into lunch, and then well into the after-work time, but I still managed to get NO OVERTIME.  

So I'm going to go do taxes, then pout, then go to bed.  Maybe I'll have a drink somewhere in there... probably after the taxes part, since I don't want to redo them tomorrow.

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