Sunday, April 26, 2009

Potential story beginning

My love life started when I was in grade four.  Craig Bradley had just had a fight with Melissa and decided that she wasn't his girlfriend anymore.   He came over to me at the monkey bars and asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend now.  I agreed, and for three days, he was my very first boyfriend.  

I had this pair of rings at home - the kind of adjustable, gold-tone bands that they used to use around wedding announcements back in the 80's - and I decided that, since he was my boyfriend, I should give Craig one of the rings, and wear the other myself.  After all, from what I could see, that's what people did when they were a couple - they wore rings.

I think that scared him off.  The next day, he made up with Melissa, and I had my very first broken heart.  I wish it had been my last.

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