Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I didn't know what to write about for tonight's blog, so I asked Shane for a suggestion. His topic? Bubbles.

Bubbles. What a crazy topic! The first thing I think of when I think of bubbles is that little dude from Finding Nemo. You know, the one named Bubbles? The yellow guy who got so excited when the bubbles would come out of the treasure chest.
This guy.

Anyways, I started thinking that it would be really cool to be so excited about something that everyone else finds mundane. Then I realized that most people probably get excited about something that other people think is boring or weird. D&D is a good example - gamers love it, and get really into it, but everyone else thinks we're kind of crazy.

I get excited about weird things, like finding a set of number labels that I could use to identify all the bankers boxes that I use to pack every time I move. Or finding more bankers boxes at a great price. Or finding earring-sized jewelry boxes and matching cotton-y inserts. Or huge rolls of bubble wrap. Or pretty much anything I found in the U-line shipping supply catalog. Boxes and ribbons and paper and pens and the like really, really, really make me happy. For my birthday last year, Shane gave me a bunch of office supplies, including pushpins, CD holders, a box of pens, and a crapload of magnets. It was probably one of the best birthday presents ever! Most other people would have been very disappointed, but I loved it.

So there we go. A post (partly) about bubbles. And Bubbles. And bubble wrap.

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KarenElizabeth said...

I love office supplies. I get to do the Staples order at work. It's fun.