Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Five Minute Fiction

From Creative Writing Prompts: #24 Imagine your life is now a book. In 100 words, write the blurb for it. (It's what people will read on the back cover.)

Action. Adventure. Romance. High-speed car chases. At first glance, Danielle looked ordinary, but beneath the surface, she was special. Born and raised a military brat, Danielle’s lifestyle took her around the world and filled her with wonder. Share the ups and downs as she finds love and finds herself. Along the way, meet the dozens of interesting people that she attracts, including several lead singers and a unique group of gamers. How did these different groups manage to find their ways into her life? See how Danielle found these wonderful people and integrated them into her own unique style of storytelling.

Okay, it's 101 words. But not bad, eh?

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KarenElizabeth said...

Just when were you involved in a high speed car chase?? And I think I would totally read that book based on what the back of it said. Miss you.