Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Five Minute Fiction

From Creative Writing Prompts" #76: Write the story of a disastrous family picnic.

It all started out so well. It was a beautiful day in late spring, and George finally had some free time. No work, no chores - it was a completely free day.

"Sally," George said to his wife, "I think we need to go on a picnic."

"What a fabulous idea!" Sally exclaimed. "Let me round up the children."

Of course, what would a family picnic be without tag-alongs? Each of the children wanted to bring a friend or two, and what was going to be a quiet family picnic started to turn into a rather boisterous party. Still, George was in a good mood, and wasn't fazed by any of it. "We'll just have to find a bigger blanket," he told Sally, grinning.

The family started off down the hill, walking in single file behind George. He sighed happily as the sun beat down on him, enjoying the fresh air. "Doesn't it feel good to be outside?" he asked Sally.

"Definitely," she agreed, somewhat distracted by the gaggle of youngsters behind them. "Stay in line, kids!"

It was a long walk to the picnic site, but the family was in good shape, and no one seemed to mind. Once they had arrived, it took little time for the children to start swarming all over the food.

"Kids! Be careful!" George shouted. "One at a time! Stay in single file!"

But his warning came too late. From above them came a terrible shriek. A young woman nearly leapt off of her picnic blanket. "ANTS!" she screeched, doing a strange little dance, as if that would convince them to leave.

"I'll take care of it," her date said, lifting up the plate and carelessly sweeping George's children to the ground.

"Nooooo!" Sally cried, but the man couldn't hear her. Deftly, he grabbed one corner of the picnic blanket and flicked it, sending George, Sally, and the kids flying across the park.

His head throbbing, George looked up at the blue sky. He could see the couple leaving, but he didn't see the rest of his family. He would definitely think twice before taking his family on another picnic.

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