Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yarn is wonderful

I bought more yarn today. Anyone who has seen my yarn collection may be wondering why I could possibly think that I need more. Someday, I will post a photo of my yarn collection, but only after I finish a few more projects and use up some of it - I don't think it will all fit into one photo.

I've got so many projects on the go right now... I feel a need to inventory them. Feel free to make requests or comments. I work best with a deadline ;)

- Toque for James
- Yellow/white baby blanket for Joy
- Red seat cover for my car
- Poncho for Jonathan
- Purple sparkly dice bag (anyone interested?)
- Pink/white granny square blanket (twin-size, anyone interested?)
- Purple/pink/white wave blanket for me
- Purple/blue/white baby blanket (for whoever's next!)
- Blue sweater for me
- Rainbow i-cord that has no purpose whatsoever except looking cool
- Brown/gold shawl (anyone interested?)
- A multitude of plot bunnies for NaNo sales
- Weekly greeting cards for my sisters
- Warhammer miniatures to paint (lots and lots and lots)

Huh. It doesn't look that bad. I must have forgotten some! But now that I see the list, I feel that I must start getting things done and proving to the world that I can finish stuff! I think the car seat cover will get done first - I almost burned the skin off of my back the last time I tried to drive! Darn vinyl/pleather seats!


colbymarshall said...

big switch from where you were to GA, huh? As I always say, "Macon...the hottest you can get to hell without the dying."

Jonathan said...

I wish I still had all my yarn...I had 2 big U-haul boxes full of and totally would have given them to you!!! Bah...ya know I have always wanted a really tacky blanket like the one on the back of the couch in Roanne...I will have to buy you yarn later when you have less projects so I can put in my new apartment!!!

KarenElizabeth said...

Do the cards count as needing a deadline? Cuz I suck at deadlines lol. I want a new scarf. A purple one please.