Monday, June 16, 2008

Five minute... list?

From Creative Writing Prompts: #255 Come up with 12 good reasons to sleep in.

1) You partied hard last night.
2) You don't have to work today.
3) You plan to stay up late tonight.
4) You're on vacation.
5) It's the weekend.
6) You've worked hard all your life, and you've earned it.
7) You've studied hard all year long, and you've earned it.
8) Your husband/wife is sleeping in.
9) Your dog is sleeping in.
10) You know that sleep is good for you.
11) All of your plans for the day are flexible.
12) You have nothing better to do.


Jonathan said...

2 words.....I agree.....with number on that is...I guess that is more like 5 words but what eva!

KarenElizabeth said...

I would love to be able to sleep in - but NO since Luke got back - we're up at 6am every morning. IT SUCKS.