Monday, June 30, 2008

Good ideas

Have you ever had one of those really great ideas that turned out not to be such a great idea after all?

There's a reason tonight's blog is short.

Tomorrow, there will be a photo.

Tonight, I made a cake! I forget that I rarely make cakes, and so the ideas that seem really simple in my head turn out to be much more complicated in real life. I think next year's New Year's Resolution will be to make a cake every week. Or every month. Or more than once a year. It's not the cake itself that's difficult. I made a wonderful chocolate cake two weeks ago. Tonight's cake was simple. It's the decoration that was rather complex.

I also need to buy more icing tips.

I think I scared the girl at Hobby Lobby on Saturday, when I bought my decorating stuff. In addition to the cake-decorating supplies, I also bought scrapbooking, beading, crochet, and sewing supplies. I don't think it's normal to have this many crafting hobbies...


Jonathan said...

you sound like me in so many ways in this blog. My Cart is usually that random if not more when I go to Hobby Lobby and I keep thinking I can make Cheesecake but I can't. Everytime I make it, it turns out more like cheesecake pudding rather than a real cake!

My newest idea: Orange Cheesecake with Cranberry Swirl and Chocolate cookie Crust...sounds amazing...will probably end up like fruit and cheese slop

KarenElizabeth said...

First of all, you're not weird at all, the girls at Michaels definitely think I'm odd - I'm there like every other day (I think I might have a shopping problem lol) and secondly the commenter above me, that Cheesecake sounds fantastic. Sooo if it doesn't turn out like fruit and cheese slop, can I have recipe?

colbymarshall said...

If I had that many crafting hobbies, I'd go broke. My scrapbook habit alone is enough to put me inthe money danger zone!