Saturday, June 7, 2008

Five minute fiction

From LiveJournal's Writer's Block: What should cheese go on, and what should cheese NOT go on?

Cheese is a very ubiquitous food. It can be found in almost every country around the world, and it comes in a multitude of varieties. It's usually yellowish in colour, but it ranges from pale, almost-white yellow to deep oranges. This range of colour makes it an excellent topping for many types of foods: salads are always more appealing with two or more types of cheese on top. Plus, cheese has a nice taste that hides the blandness of lettuce.

Hamburgers are frequently topped with cheese - this, of course, makes a hamburger into a cheeseburger. Chicken burgers, however, should not be covered in cheese. While chicken can, in some forms, benefit from a cheesy partner (mmm... chicken parmesan...), it generally doesn't play well with cheese. Ham, in sandwich form, is a classic cheese partner, while other pork products aren't as favoured.

Most vegetables go well with cheese, either in slice form or in sauce form. Anyone who has been to a fondue restaurant knows this well. Fruit, however, is not as compatible. Some fruits, like grapes, may be happy living on the same plate as cheese, but this usually occurs at wine-and-cheese functions, and is not recommended for daily pairings.

Cheese and chocolate are a definite no. That is not something that anyone should attempt.

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