Sunday, June 29, 2008

My dog is a cat

It was decided tonight that my dog, Mia, is a cat in disguise. Here are the top ten signs that your dog might be a cat in disguise.

10) She rolls on her back like a kitten. When killing her rubber chicken, Mia rolls onto her back and attacks it with all four paws.

9) She likes to curl up in your lap. Lots of dogs like this, but it's also common to kitties.

8) She grooms your hair. Mia will climb onto Shane's head and lick his hair and rearrange it until she is happy with it. Usually, it comes out looking pretty good.

7) She thinks she can fit in the space between two books on a shelf. Like most cats, my dog seems to think that she's small enough to fit anywhere. This leads to things falling down.

6) She likes to lay in sunbeams. Have you ever read Garfield?

5) She doesn't have any particular fondness for 'people food.' Of course, this could be because I haven't fed her much of it. She's pretty good about being uninterested in plates so far.

4) She thinks she can jump from one piece of furniture to another across the room. Mia will perch on the edge of the chair and just stare at the couch. I'm waiting for her to try it.

3) She sits on window ledges. This is totally a cat thing!

2) She chases birds and bugs. There was a bird in the bush outside a few days ago, and Mia chased it out of the bush and across the parking lot. I don't know what she would have done if she'd actually caught it.

1) She chases laser pointers. And loves it.


KarenElizabeth said...

Awww I really really really want to meet your puppy. She sounds very cute.

Jonathan said...

I miss you puppy I only got to see her for like 2 seconds when you brought her to the :(