Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Attention span of a gnat

I logged in to blog tonight, and was surprised to see my face. Yes, I had forgotten that I changed my avatar from my tap shoes to a photo of me. Early Alzheimer's perhaps? Or maybe just a short attention span. Or maybe just too many things on my mind!

I'm now a card-carrying member of the library system. I got signed up today, and I started off with two knitting books, and two card-making books. I've heard that a particular friend of mine doesn't approve of libraries, because people don't have to buy books, thereby not supporting authors. I understand where she's coming from - I want people to buy my books (well, my theoretical books), not just borrow them. At the same time, there are people who simply can't afford books, and should not be denied the joys of reading. And, well, I can't really justify $29.95 for a knitting book when I may or may not actually find a pattern that I like at my current skill level. Of course, if I do find a pattern in a borrowed book, chances are good that I'll go out and buy it for myself.... so libraries, for me, are more of an idea place.

My throat still hurts, and I'm starting to get froggy-sounding. This is not fun. On the bright side, I've only used about a quarter of a box of Kleenex (with Aloe and Vitamin E!) today, as opposed to the almost-full box that I used up yesterday, so my nose is getting better! I chatted a lot tonight (PRN!), and I'm wondering if I'll still have a voice in the morning. It used to be, when I got sick, that the first thing to go was my voice. I almost miss that. It was nice to have an excuse not to answer phones or deal with patients... ahh... those were the days... I had a little whiteboard that I carried around. There was one night that I lost my voice, but Kari-Ann and I still went out to the Norwood to see Schmadams playing, and boy, did he ever have fun with that whiteboard!

My phone is dying. It is dying a slow, slow death. It will now stay charged long enough for only a ten-minute phone call. After that, it will give one pathetic beep, wait about six seconds, then turn off. I have unintentionally hung up on about six phone calls this week. It's only Wednesday. I wonder who else I will hang up on?

I'm craving chocolate. I had a slice of chocolate cake for dessert, and rather than quelling the chocolate-monster that lives in my belly, it acted as an appetizer, and the monster wants more. More!

I need to get a garbage bin for my office. I keep noticing candy wrappers and such that really need to make it out of the room, but I get distracted and forget them. I'll have to write myself a note.

How was that for a random day?


colbymarshall said...

Oh, so many comments I could make, but none of them would be sweet. So, I'll just say libraries suck, and leave it at that.

KarenElizabeth said...

I'm craving chocolate as well. I wish that I'd had a piece of cake. The only books I take out of the library are sheet music books because I really can't afford to buy them for just one song. Feel better soon.