Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Saturday!

It's time for another edition of 'What's on My Desk?'

Today's 'What' is actually a couple of things that are visible in the photo. In the centre is a plaque-mounted photograph of the centre of a flower. It's really pretty, and it was a gift from Renee, one of my sister's bridesmaids. When my sister got married, Renee and her boyfriend stayed at my apartment, and this was their gift to me. Renee's mom actually took the photograph, and it was the inspiration for the growing collection of flower photos that I have on my computer... although none of mine look quite as artistic!

To the left, you can see a deck of playing cards. I haven't used real playing cards in years... probably since first year university, when my friends and I would skip French class to play Asshole. Ahh... those were the days... to be young and foolish again...

To the right is a pair of flowered red cd cases. I got those before I moved last time - at Dollarama! They were $1 each, and totally worth it! I think I got about six of them... it was much less expensive than getting another big cd binder, though a bit more cumbersome. I've got those two now living on my desk with computer-related cds, I've got two in my car, and AJ's got another that was filled with blank cds so she could burn some music for me (HINT HINT!).

And that's some of what's on my desk!


KarenElizabeth said...

I have my picture from Renee hanging on my bedroom wall. Her mother is such a great photographer - did you realize that both of her siblings are following in her footsteps, Sam and Gaby both do lots of photography. Miss you.

colbymarshall said...

Nice hinting- very subtle.

Danielle said...

I'm all about subtle :) Of course, the oh-so-subtle hint at Blake didn't work... but he may not actually read my blog.