Saturday, August 30, 2008

Take Five (Part 9)

"Ms. Cornish?" Laura called, knocking once more. "Mr. Jarvis has called for places."

Inside her trailer, Sophia sat serenely as her personal make-up artist finished her work.

"Would you be a dear and tell that girl outside that I will be ready when I am ready?" Sophia asked the make-up artist, her voice almost too sweet.

"Of course," the woman replied, and stepped outside.

"Anna!" Laura jumped back as the door opened, surprised to see her cousin stepping out.

"She's in a mood today, Laura," the make-up artist warned after closing the door. "She's being really sweet..."

"Shit," Laura muttered. When Sophia started out sweet, things usually ended up being much worse than normal by the end of the day.

"Anyway, she's all made up, hair done, and she says she'll be ready when she's ready," Anna continued. "My stuff's still in there, so I'll just stick around until she comes out."

"Sure," Laura said, still somewhat distracted by thoughts of impending doom. "You aren't usually this late with her makeup - what's going on today?"

"I've got no idea," Anna replied. "All I know is taht Mikayla called me as soon as she was done Sophia's hair, and that was almost an hour later than usual. I've got no idea if it was Mikayla or Sophia getting in late, or if it was just a bad hair day."

Laura sighed. "Hopefully, it was just a slow morning."

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