Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weird dreams...

Maybe it was the beer and pizza for dinner. Maybe it was watching "Evil Dead: The Musical." Maybe it was something else entirely. In any case, I had a crazy epic dream last night.

It started out in a boardroom at the dance studio where I used to take classes. It didn't look anything like the studio, but I knew that was where I was. We (myself and two of the teachers) were sitting at a table, talking about dance. Then, the room started to shift, and the table and floor started to slide out of the room - literally. The wall on one side was just a continuous stream of paint (or something of that consistancy), and the floor slid out, taking the table with it... kind of like that Jamiroquai video for "Virtual Insanity." Then patterns started coming in through the other side, hills and bumps and winding paths, and the three of us were still talking, but we were manoeuvering around these things. Tara, the tap teacher, asked me about something that I was making for a friend, and I told her that it was for Jonathan. Then she told me that he was her nephew, but that they hadn't seen each other in years...

Next thing I remember, I was in a car with Jonathan, just chatting, and he confirmed that yes, Tara was his aunt. We were in the car for a while, on a road trip. To England. (Look, I know and you know that you can't drive from the US to England, but apparently my dreams don't know that.) We were driving around London, but it looked more like Chicago. We were trying to find a place to get souvenirs, and decided to go to Costco. As we pulled into the parking lot, we noticed that all the spots had signs indicating that all of the parking was metered. And it cost $3.76 to park (what a weird number).

Neither of us had any change, so we got out of the car and Jonathan walked over to a nearby truck and stuck an American $20 into a slot on the trunk's bumper. A bunch of Canadian change (four toonies, two loonies, and about eight quarters - yes, I know that doesn't add up to $20... blame it on the exchange rate) came out of the tail pipe, and we headed back to stick the coins into the slot on the sign.

As we were walking over to the car, Tony (Nathan from G&D) came up to us and started chatting. He was afraid that we would tell his wife that he was at Costco, and made us swear not to tell her. We chatted a while longer, then said goodbye to Tony, and tried to put the money into the sign. Jonathan gave me the change, and I kept dropping it and trying to figure out how to put in exact change without having any pennies. Finally, I got the money in, and we went into Costco.

And then I woke up.

I need to get some more normal dreams.

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colbymarshall said...

I have incredibly weird dreams, too. The other night I dreamed I was called into the hospital to assist when there was a shortage of nurses. I kept trying to tell them I wasn't a nurse, but they kept saying it didn't matter. Oh yeah, and I hadn't graduated high school yet!