Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Creativity has its limits...

I have no creative juice left today.

I worked on my apron all night, which was fun, but exhausting... my dining room table is a tall one, so I actually have to stand up to use my sewing machine. I really need to get a sturdier craft table to put it on, so I can sit. I also had a puppy running around, which made it a bit more challenging.

I spent my lunch hour working on Stuart's superfun surprise, but still didn't finish it. *sigh* So he's going to get it in the mail, because there's NO way it'll be done on time to give it to him by 6am tomorrow!

In any case, I think I used up all of today's creativity between those two things and daydreaming at work. I spent a lot of time daydreaming today, actually. It was Tuesday, and Tuesday is LASIK day. Usually, I have to concentrate a bit more, but today I was training, and Angela (the trainee) is a bright gal, and she picked it up really quickly, so I had very little to do. So I stood there in the dark and daydreamed. It was kind of fun, and I definitely got some more story possibilities out of it... I just don't feel like writing them down today.

Tomorrow, though, will be a writing day (I hope!).


colbymarshall said...

We need to commission someone to take a picture of his face when he sees it.

Danielle said...

It's all arranged... it's good to know someone on the inside! Have I mentioned that photos will include gold pants?