Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So after last night's panic about wonky internet, I was very relieved to finally get my blog up. Then tonight, after I got home from shopping, I returned to my computer to find that, once again, my internet connection was missing!! This is VERY distressing! Luckily, my network admin managed to get it working again (yay, Shane!), so I still have my posting streak. Whew.

This brings up the question, though, what should I do when I truly don't have a connection? Back in May, when the tornado hit town, I had no internet access (and no power) for quite a while, so I used my camera to make a vlog, which I posted as soon as the internet was up again, with a back-dated time. I didn't feel that this was cheating, as I had blogged, but I simply couldn't get it up.

But what about other times, times when an Act of God is not involved? Part of me wants to make a backup post, something that I change the post date on each day, to serve as filler in case I don't get online. I really don't like that idea, though, because the point of this blog was for me to write every day, in some fashion. Honestly, I'm not crazy about putting up videos for this reason, but it's a rare occurence, so I'm okay with it once in a while. And I do compose (kind of) what I plan to say.

So what do you think out there, Loyal Reader(s?)?

On a vaguely related note, what's with the screencap that they used for my video?? I look ridiculous!!

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colbymarshall said...

I know if it was me, I'd be all over the phone trying to find someone-anyone- who had internet for me to dictate a post, lol, but that's only because Livin will pounce on me the second I miss ;-0