Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cutest Ever!

Woot! I am the "cutest video blogger ever"! (According to my sister.) I had a lot of fun with that video, actually... aside from getting it to upload! You may have noticed that the timestamp on the post says 10-something pm, but you probably didn't actually see it online until the next morning. That's because it took HOURS to get it online! First, my internet was being spotty and conked out a few times, then it was slooooooooow... and then it took forever to process! I finally had to give up and go to bed, because it was after midnight. It finally got fully posted in the morning... but I did have it recorded and posting before midnight!

Luckily, tonight, the internet is being nice to me. Yay!

I spent time in a very mulit-cultural environment tonight - it was Project Runway Night (PRN) at Blake's place. 'How is PRN multicultural?' you might be asking. I'll tell you! There were people from multiple cultures! There was an American, a Canadian, a Brit, and an American-turned-Brit. Okay, so the cultures are fairly similar... but we did have a nice little discussion about the differences we see!

Canadians and Brits butter everything. You name the sandwich, we'll butter it! I've been known to butter my bread to make a PBJ.

Canadians and Brits add extra 'u's to everything. Look at my blog - you'll see the little buggers everywhere!

Canadians and Brits say 'tap' instead of 'faucet,' but Americans use 'tap' to refer to the thing you put on a keg to get beer out (Canadians and Brits do, too).

I won't ask for that special Friday section of the paper at work (the Out & About) because I get laughed at every time I do. The American-turned-Brit gets teased for talking about wearing 'regular' clothes instead of 'normal' clothes. The Americans get laughed at in the other two countries ;).

Also, we had Shepherd's Pie, that ended up being country pie because it had beef instead of lamb. And that is a British/Irish dish.

Maybe next time, I'll make perogies!


colbymarshall said...

I like adding the "u"'s, too!

KarenElizabeth said...

I want perogies now. Mmmmm perogies. I like not adding the "u" lol. It makes people here angry. HAHAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

I love the differences... and we call it cottage pie when it's made with beef :D

Pavements insead of sidewalks
Trousers instead of Pants.... thats a favourite, and look at that one of those little 'u's hehehe