Saturday, March 14, 2009

Delayed posting

Who would've thought that getting online would be so difficult?  I had to go out and buy a new piece of equipment, because, despite the number of bloody boxes I had, none of them would actually make my internet talk to my computer!

I had an access point, which talked to my bridge, which talked to Shane's bridge, which talked to Shane's router, which connected to the modem, which connected to the internet.  It turns out that neither an access point nor a bridge is able to talk to the modem on its own - so I went out and bought a router.  Of course, then I had to make the router talk to the computer and the modem at the same time... so tonight's post is offline, about all of the fun of getting online!

But if all goes well, I'm going to have a completely stable internet connection, without being tethered to a wall!  And I should also be able to get my Wii online, which is exciting... I think that my folks and I are going to go out and buy some Wii games that we can play together online, and have a family game night at least once a month - I'm looking forward to that!

I'm sooooo looking forward to being online!!


colbymarshall said...

not being tethered to a wall = very good thing in any circumstance, lol!

Mitzi said...

Online Family Game Night is a great idea! How fun!