Saturday, July 5, 2008

Five Minute Fiction

From Creative Writing Prompts, #211: Write from the point of view of a clean sock that was mistakenly placed in the hamper.

Omigod. I totally don't belong here. I mean, look at me! I'm so cute - I so don't belong in here. I've got adorable little polka dots, and the white bits are still white! I mean, check out that guy over there. He's kinda white on top, but underneath, he's all scungy! Yes, I said 'scungy' - he's all funky coloured, brown and green, like he's been out playing in the yard.

If the look's not enough, the smell should totally tell you that I'm in the wrong place! I still smell all lemon-y fresh, like I just came out of the drier. That guy, and his buddy, they smell like man feet. No, I take that back. They smell like man feet that have been wearing the same socks for a week.

Please! Won't somebody take me out of here? I'm clean! I'm clean! Check the drawer - you'll find my match in there, I swear. Please, don't make me stay here. I totally don't belong in here!

If you won't come get me, maybe I'll just have to start writing my memoirs. Isn't that what you're supposed to do when you're wrongly imprisoned? I could be the next Paris...

No! I don't belong here! Take me out!

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KarenElizabeth said...

loved it. I would feel that way if I was wrongly imprisoned. And by the way prettiest dress ever - is there something that you should be telling me???