Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Five minute fiction

Once again, from Creative Writing Prompts: #159 - Weave a mini-story using the following words in order: shell, comic book, discarded soap box, rubber soles, postcard.

Ande sat on the beach, playing with a seashell as she watched the sun setting over the water of the lake. The sunset had an odd look, almost comic-book-like, a technicolor dream. She smiled softly to herself, enjoying the peace and quiet of the moment. The screaming children were gone, the rowdy college students had left for a night of partying, and she had the beach almost entirely to herself.

A frown crossed Ande's face as something drifted towards her on the gentle waves of the lake. Curious, she rose to move closer, hoping to see what the object was. She heaved a disappointed sigh as she realized that it was a discarded soap box. It really was quite unfortunate, the amount of litter that had been appearing at the beach recently. Only last week, she had come across what appeared to be the rubber soles of a discarded pair of shoes, washed up between the rocks near her cottage.

Carefully, Ande caught the offending box and delivered it to a nearby garbage can. Satisified that she had helped, at least a little bit, Ande sat back down to watch the postcard-perfect scene fade into darkness as the sun finally disappeared behind the horizon.


colbymarshall said...

trash at the beach sucks. We actuially found what looked like dreadlocks in the ocean./ Ick!

KarenElizabeth said...

I enjoyed reading that. It was nicely done. How's life??

J.Watt said...

I liked it!

You linked me on the side of your page. How much do I love you? I hope all is going well!