Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More about coloured dreams

So after all those comments about curiosity, I decided to look into this colour dream thing a bit more...

I'm going to start with the blue one, because, well, it's interesting. Blue is associated with philosophy (according to The Meaning of Colour in Dreams ), particularly art and culture. The person who is all about the blue in my dreams is definitely associated with art and culture in her life. According to Dream Moods Dream Themes, blue is all about truth, loyalty, and openness. The blue friend is definitely one whom I feel is truthful with me, and I'm comfortable being open with her... and I can definitely see that she is loyal to the people she is close to. This one indicates blue as a symbol of inner peace... I don't really see how that jives with my blue friend. She seems as stressed as me sometimes, which is kind of off from having inner peace... I like Dreamlover Inc's best - communication! Maybe my blue friend really is a spirit guide of sorts; all of these sites refer to that, and she does have many characteristics that I admire, and goals that seem similar to mine.

I don't know if that really made sense to anyone but me. Actually, I'm not entirely sure that it made sense to me, either. But this whole thing is very interesting... I'm definitely going to poke around at it some more!

And just for interest's sake, the colour brown represents "the need to eliminate old emotions and/or structures that have outgrown their purpose" according to Light Center; the person who shows up in brown is someone that I used to have a crush on, but have since gotten over. Intriguing, no?

And on a totally different topic... I've got names! I broke down and bought a new baby names book, and it was exactly the inspiration I needed, because now all of the characters in my play have names that we're all happy with: Owen, Riley, Connor, Livia, Joey, and Isabel. I'm loving it!


KarenElizabeth said...

Seriously - with those names it's like you're reading my mind. Those are my boy baby names and one of my girl names. This is getting way too creepy for me. Quit being a sister mind reader.

colbymarshall said...

Hm, this is an interesting post.