Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mind readers!

Today, I was surrounded by mind readers!

At the Trinity Woods Renaissance Fair, there were dozens of the things running around, reading minds, while most of the adults were blissfully unaware of the evil surrounding them. I, on the other hand, have been reading Colby's blog, and I know the dangers of children. I tried to encourage the folks minding the apple-bob station to drown a few, but I was ignored. I tried to discourage safety with the javelin and archery stations, but to no avail. As far as I could tell, no children were harmed.

Upon returning home, I found that a mind reader had joined our D&D game. I was slightly troubled by this, until I found out that she was playing a mind reader in the game - I then became quite troubled! I did my best to keep my thoughts blank, and I hope I succeeded... the last thing you want is for the mind readers to know that you know what they're doing!

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colbymarshall said...

AGH! That is TERRIFYING! I am proud that you tried to discourage safety practices though...good try!