Monday, July 28, 2008


The Cup is gone.

For over a year, there has been a yellow plastic cup, filled with a mysterious dark substance, sitting on top of a power meter on the side of the peach-coloured building at the corner of Napier, where we turn to go to Eisenhower Crossing. Every time we passed it, we would cheer, "Yay, Cup!"

Today, the Cup was gone.

We turned the corner, and got ready to shout, but instead, we were greeted by an empty space. It was at that moment that it began to rain, as if the very heavens felt the loss of the cup.

Shane tried to reassure me, telling me that the Cup had ascended to a better place. There was no sign of it anywhere on the ground. It had survived two tornadoes, countless thunderstorms, and varied vagrants passing by, yet it stood its ground. Perhaps it has earned its rest...

Before this, we had considered dressing as the Cult of the Cup at DragonCon this year - it would have been an easy costume, and it would have made people curious. Now, we are definitely doing it, complete with pamphlets, because the world needs to know about the Cup. Plus, the cultist robes would end up being awesome for the Cthullu plans that Shane has for the future - gotta love reusing costumes!


KarenElizabeth said...

You guys are so weird lol. But I love you for it.

MJ said...

Okay, the sad part is - I think I totally know what cup you are talking about.

Heather said...

Just make sure that you include information on the Return of the Cup, and you need a schism between factions on whether the Cup will return pre-dishwashing or post-dishwashing.