Thursday, July 24, 2008

Take Five (Part One)

((Okay, so it's not a totally original post - it's a rewrite of the story from July 7 - but it's different! And it's become serial...))

Blake tilted his head from side to side, sighing as his neck popped quietly. He shook out his arms gently, then moved his feet, trying to get himself psyched up. Taking a deep breath, he walked over and sat on the bench. He closed his eyes, hoping to clear his mind. He felt the bench shift slightly, and opened his eyes to see Sophia sitting on the opposite side. It was time.

"Action!" came the call from behind the camera. In an instant, both Blake and Sophia changed their expressions.

"Hello," she said. She lowered her chin just a touch, looking both coy and shy at the same time as she stared up at him through her eyelashes.

"Hello," he replied, letting a small smile touch his lips. "I was hoping to run into you again."

"Have you?" she asked, her voice sounding surprised. She looked away and blushed slightly.

"Of course," he said, turning his body slightly. He slid over on the bench, closer to her, but not touching. Casually, he laid his arm across the back of the seat, barely letting it touch her shoulder.

A shiver visibly ran through her at the contact, and she turned to look at him with wide eyes. "I wasn't sure you would want to... after all, we've only spoken twice before..."

"And they were the best conversations I have ever had," he told her. Again, she turned away and blushed, but turned back to him with less hesitation.

"Thank you... have you been here long?" she asked.

"No. And yes."

"Which is it?" she asked. "No or yes?"

"No, I haven't been here long today," he replied. "But I did stop by yesterday... and the day before..."

"Really? Just to see me?" she asked, turning more fully towards him. She moved slightly closer to him on the bench, and her knee brushed against his, but she did not move away.

"Just to see you," he confirmed. "Seeing you makes my day brighter." He leaned a bit closer, letting his arm surround her more completely. After a brief moment of hesitation, she relaxed against him, her head on his chest, his chin on her head. Her eyes closed briefly, and her chest rose as she inhaled the scent of him. His fingers traced a path up and down her arm, bringing a smile to her face. Up and down, up and down...

"Stop that!" Sophia half-snarled, half-giggled. "It tickles, you ass!"

"Cut!" yelled the director. "Okay kids, let's pick this up in five."

"Bitch," he muttered as she sat back.

"Jackass," she retorted. She stood up and gave him the finger before flouncing off towards her trailer. Some people were just awful to work with.


KarenElizabeth said...

Ooooo I like it with the dialogue. So - I started reading a new series of books, you might enjoy them - they are by Stephenie Meyer. The Twilight books. One of the girls I work with got me hooked, I read the first one in like a day lol.

colbymarshall said...

Hm...questions are forming in my mind...I must ask in person...